The Source is an 8 piece party band that specializes in dance music ranging from Top 40 to Jazz, Motown, Disco, Classic Rock, and Big Band Swing. Now in their 19th year of performing, including 15 years as the house band at Ya-Ya's, The Source features energetic vocalists along with funky horns and a groovin' rhythm section that will keep you dancing all night.

Amanda Hawkinson - Vocals             Michael Webber - Vocals

Rod Martens - Guitar                            Donovan McGlory - Keyboard

Zach Lorenson - Bass                          Kevin Findley - Drums

Galen Fast - Saxophone                      Bill Rohde - Trumpet

The Source with Kenny Rogers

The Source with The Coasters

The Source Calendar 2014:

Date: Location: Event: Time: Map:
November 29 The Candle Club Private Club 8:30 -12:30 MAP
December 5 Prairie Dune C.C. Private Party 9 -12 MAP
December 6 Wichita C.C. Private Party
8:00 -12:00 MAP
December 12 Hutchinson Private Party 9 -12 MAP
December 13 Crestview C.C. Private Party 8 -12 MAP
December 27 Loft 150 above River City Brewery Open to Public 9 -1 MAP
December 31 The Candle Club Private Club
Happy New Year!!!
8:30 -12:30 MAP